Rod Liddle, out of straightforward xenophobia

« A Portuguese journalist has suggested that Kate McCann was only “one step away from prison” at one point during the police investigation into the whereabouts of her missing daughter, Madeleine. Manuel Catarino, the editor-in-chief of some Portuguese newspaper [correio da manhã], believes that Kate McCann escaped prison only because of the preferential treatment afforded to her because she was English, rather than Portuguese.

It’s a shame that this “preferential treatment” didn’t extend to an even barely competent investigation of the case, you might think. Six months after Madeleine went missing, the Portuguese old bill at last got around to sending in sniffer dogs to the McCanns’ apartment where they think they found some specks of blood, but aren’t entirely sure. Meanwhile, the boss of the investigation, Goncalo “Sherlock” Amaral, was sacked. The Portuguese public – out of straightforward xenophobia – have always assumed the McCanns to be guilty, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Thinking of the Algarve next year? Think again.»


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